Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sewing for Quilt Market - Diaper covers

We are on again, off again cloth diaper users in this house.  I love putting cloth diapers on my baby.  I love how cute they are.  I love how we save money by using them.  I love how we aren't using icky chemicals on some of his most sensitive parts.  I don't really mind washing diapers.  I LOVE how convenient disposable diapers are.  That's pretty much the gist of it.  If I could buy my ideal stash of diapers and not worry about forking out a small fortune for them, we'd do it full time, all the time in a heart beat.  But, because we are a budget-conscious family, we cannot fork over our body limbs to pay for baby undies.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love the fluff, though.

Spring Quilt Market Projects 2013

Spring Quilt Market Projects 2013

And Fabri-Quilt is coming out with a new printed PUL that they let me make some cute diaper covers for them out of.  They have this dot print on a variety of colors.  I made three diaper covers in three of the new colors.

Spring Quilt Market Projects 2013

Are they adorable or what?!  Super easy to make, too!  If you're a fluff-aholic and want to make your own covers, I love this pattern.  I made it in a small for Daniel when he was a little bit teensier and it fit really well over a prefold with snappi.
Pattern: Diaper Cover from Cloth Diapers Made Easy by Babyville Boutique
Fabric: Mystic Forest in PUL by Fabri-Quilt

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