Monday, February 11, 2013

Studio Apartment Quilt

I did this quilt for Fabri-Quilt a while ago.  It was a fun, quick little quilt to make.  Basically a log cabin with only one room!

Studio Apartment

The fabrics were definitely bright!  I tried to use the solid black to tone them down a little.  


I have a grace quilting frame a bought from a girl in my guild last summer that I tried to use to quilt this little quilt on.  Unfortunately, that is when I realized that with the rods of the frame, my machine only allows me about 2" of quilting space for each pass down the frame.  I tried to force it to do more by pushing my machine against the frame.  The motion of the shank going up and down rubbed a hole in the quilt top!  I pulled it off the frame, ripped out what I had quilted, replaced the damaged block, and quilted it on my domestic machine (sans frame).  Haven't used the frame again since!


I think it turned out pretty well.  I love the texture that happens when you wash a quilt that's been quilted fairly heavily.  

If you like this design, Fabri-Quilt has my instructions for this quilt available as a free download over on their site.  Go check it out!


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