Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Have you heard about QuiltCon?  It's surely awesome and I'm jealous of all my quilting friends who got to go to Austin to partake.

Some of us from the KCMQG who didn't get to go got together to sew downtown and called it QuiltNon.  

Take that #QuiltCon! We have scraps! #QuiltNon

There were lots of scraps brought to share.  By lots, I mean probably multiple buckets worth.  

Fabric is flying! #quiltnon

They may have been tossed around a little.  

#quiltnon Sewing downtown with a really cool view.

That's where I sewed!  Nice view, huh?

Still rockin' #quiltnon

And these are some of the girls who were there with me.  Thanks to Lesley for arranging it.  We had fun.  :)


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