Thursday, February 14, 2013

Puzzle Balls

I just finished up a fun little project for Fabri-Quilt's Quilt Market booth.  I love making these little balls.  They look a lot more complex than they actually are.  

Puzzle balls for Fabri-Quilt

They're definitely more time consuming than I remembered them being from the last time I made them, but they're fairly simple and fun.  This time I made them using some of Fabri-Quilt's flannel (so soft!) and following the Sew Fun pattern.  This was the start of the substantial list of things I have in line to make for Fabri-Quilt for Spring Quilt Market.  Next up... 3 quilts.  And that's not even from the line of fabrics that is the majority of my list!

Happy sewing! 

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