Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rainbow Bright Quilt

I'm not 100% sold on that title, but it does kind of suit this quilt.  Feel like looking at some in-progress shots?  I'm not finished with it yet, so you can't see a completed photo.  

I love this fabric line by Ro Gregg for Fabri-Quilt.  It's called Marblehead in Global Brights.  


I figured out how to strip piece this quilt.  It went smoothly.  

I'm loving it!!!  First part of strip piecing finished. :)

I cut the strips into blocks.

Blocks cut!

Assembled into bigger blocks.  From there I ended up making it into quadrants before finally sewing it all together.  

Aren't design walls fun?

Don't you just love it?  Also, I'm in love with instagram photos.  

I might be in love.

I am also having a new love affair with pressing my seams open.  I think this might be a permanent thing.  We seem to be hitting it off.  

Yes, I am in love. I dig having my seams pressed open.

I took Angela Walter's Machine Quilting Negative Space class on Craftsy and learned this tile and swirls design.  I'm liking it.  Also loving So Fine #50 thread by Superior Threads.  Angela is right, it does melt into the quilt.  

Progress. #quiltnon

So, that's what I've been working on.  How about you?


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