Friday, January 11, 2013

Fingerpainting Thank You Cards

In our family, thank you cards are an important part of the gift giving process.  If someone gives you any sort of gift at all, you send a thank you card.  I struggled with how to involve my one year old son in the process.  

I came up with this idea for him to have some part in creating the cards.  I put down some plastic and pulled the high chair into the kitchen, put my little man in some clothes I wouldn't be heartbroken if they were stained and we had a blast fingerpainting.  We used Crayola washable fingerpaints and spread them on plain white cardstock.  I used a little paper plate to make him a palette.  I held it out for him to smack a few times and then directed his hand towards the paper.  

Just in case it wasn't obvious that my baby was the artist on the cards, I added a little artist's statement on the back of each card.  It read:
The art on the front of this card was created by Daniel Toye, age 1.  Daniel resides in Kansas City, MO with his mommy and daddy and their cat, Lily.  Daniel enjoys playing with his toys, (especially balls and blocks) reading books, making messes, getting dirty, and chasing after Lily.   
Daniel made the art on the front of this card as a way of showing his gratitude for the gift that you gave him.  His fingerpainting is our way of teaching him the importance of and involving him in the process of writing thank you cards to those who have given him a gift.   
January 2013 

I let the paintings dry for a day and then used my paper slicer to cut them into 4"x5 1/2" rectangles.  

I printed the black border on the front of each card and the artist's statement on the back.  The cards were just 6 1/2" x 10" precut cards we had laying around.  I think they were the cheap ones from Michael's.  

I used tacky glue and a popsicle stick to slather on a bit of glue to each of the paintings.

Stuck the painting to the front of the card.

And wrote a message on the inside. 

They were fun to make.  Simple even.  And I think they are beautiful.  

My little guy was involved in the process.

And everyone received a special card from us.


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