Friday, May 10, 2013

Sewing for Quilt Market

I've been sewing up a storm lately.  Quilt Market is coming up very soon and I sometimes sew things for Fabri-Quilt for them to display in their booth to show off their latest fabric lines.  This time I mostly sewed baby things from the new Mystic Forest fabric line they have, but I also made three quilts from the Marblehead - Global Brights line.

I'm not sure if I've explicity mentioned it on here before, but I'm a fan of a lot of the work from the modern quilting aesthetic.  I like the clean, crisp use of solid fabrics or minimal prints.  I like the bold colors.  I like the intentional wonkiness.  I was really excited when Fabri-Quilt asked if I wanted to come up with a design using this fabric because it spoke to me.  I came up with about two dozen different designs and sent them off.  Well, instead of picking just one design for me to make, they picked three.  Woohoo!

3 quilts hanging

3 Quilts

Sunset Boulevard

The quilt above is my favorite of the three.  It's titled "Sunset Boulevard".  I love how it flows.  I developed a strip piecing rhythm to do it, so the piecing was really fast.  I think it's beautiful.

Sunset Boulevard opened on truck

I quilted it in swirls within tiles... another of Angela Walter's quilting designs.

Sunset Boulevard on truck

I found a new favorite place to photograph quilts, too!  How fun is this little orange truck?  My little guy loved playing on it while I snapped away.  I think the photos are cute with him running through them.

Library Stacks

The quilt above is titled "Library Stacks".  It's quilted with a simple all-over meander.  Nice and simple for a kind of complex-on-the-eyes piecing pattern.

Library Stacks on truck

Dresser Drawers

This quilt above is titled "Dresser Drawers".

Dresser Drawers Wood Grain

I quilted it using Angela Walter's wood grain pattern.  Easy to do and it looks cool, too!

Dresser Drawers on Truck

2 quilts ladders

If you'd like to read more about these quilts, Fabri-Quilt interviewed me about them and featured them on their blog yesterday.  Check over there to read about my inspiration and such for these three quilts.

I have posts lined up about various projects I did for quilt market sewing from now until sometime in June, so be sure to check back often.  I made some really cute things that I'm sure you would like to see. 


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