Friday, May 17, 2013

Sewing for Quilt Market - The Austin Lee Coverall & Romper

Spring Quilt Market Projects 2013

I love little boys' clothes.  Yes, little girl clothes are adorable and fun to sew, but little boys' clothes just seem to be used.  I like it best when things I make are going to get some love.  This little romper was fairly simple to sew together.  I wish I would have thought a little bit more about it because I think the alternate neckline included in the pattern probably would have been better suited for this fabric.  The fabric is just a basic quilting cotton, so it's not really intended for things like this.  Probably nobody is ever going to wear this little outfit, so it's just more to show off this cute monkey fabric line that Fabri-quilt is just releasing this month.  Can you tell the neckline lays a little bit funny?  Well, that's because clothes like this shouldn't really be made out of non-stretchy materials.  They should be able to stretch over your head and then shrink back to fit your neck nicely.  One other problem I had with this was snaps.  I hate doing snaps.  I had to pry three of the five snaps off of this and do them again because I smashed them with the hammer trying to get them in.  Thank goodness for my kind husband who was willing to come to my rescue.  Other than those two mistakes on my part, this pattern went together easily.  It included a lot of photos to help you along the way.
Pattern: Austin Lee Coverall & Romper by Fishsticks Designs
Fabric: Mystic Forest by Fabri-Quilt

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